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Fashion on the Bias

Here we focus on the fast pace fashion world, and the long lasting classics, here we can discus what we think of it all.

Believe it or not, Spring is in full swing! Trips to the local swimming hole and the beach are fast becoming inevitable.

Swim shorts are a great accessory to show your own personal style. Here are some of my favorites.  Starting with the long lengths, and working shorter.

This is the longest I think any board short should be. At well below the knee, something just doesn’t look right. It’s the most popular length though.  To each His own!

Right above the knee. I’d say this is the perfect length. Knee’s are nothing to be ashamed about!

Last but not least, the pair I would show up to a beach party in. In the high fashion crowd this length seems to be the winner.

The Bystander-


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