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Fashion on the Bias

Here we focus on the fast pace fashion world, and the long lasting classics, here we can discus what we think of it all.

“Cheap”. Not always a bad thing, It’s something that High Fashion is not, that’s for sure. But, if you need a brake in the ‘ol fashion budget, here are some helpful stores that could make things easier.

You don’t have to spend a small fortune to stay in style. Thanks to friendly neighborhood mega- stores like 21Men (formerly Heritage1981) by Forever21 and H&M, looking up-to-the minute is a very simple task.

21Men/Forever 21.

Check out more on, Their online store is great, and has everything they carry on it, the stores however are few and far between, and don’t have that great of a selection.


H&M does not have an online store for the US, Yet. But they do have plenty of store locations.

Take a guess at what you think each outfit costs, then run your mouse over the picture to see how close you got the price.

Pretty crazy hm? These stores have many different styles, so there’s something for every Man’s style, at a price everyone should like.

The Bystander –

Pictures from H&M, and Forever21/21Men.


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